Prof. Dr. Stephan Huckemann
Foto Prof. Dr. Stephan Huckemann

Institut für Mathematische Stochastik

Goldschmidtstrasse 7
37077 Göttingen

Room:Raum 2.199: 273, Gebaeude GZG: Goldschmidtstr. 3-5 (GZG)
Phone:+49 551 39 13517
Fax:+49 551 39 13505
Research interests
statistics on non-Euclidean spaces
statistical shape analysis,
statistical inverse problems,
pattern recognition,
fingerprint analysis and forensics
biomedical imaging
adult stem cell differentiation
biomolecular structure
electron resonance spectroscopy
Sommersemester 2023
Recommendation for Seminar Talks
Overview over Cycle Multivariate Statistics

Statistics of Riemannian metrics and biomedical gait analysis (DFG HU 1575/4), 2012 - 2016
Formation of stress fibers in adult stem cells (project B 8 in DFG SFB 755: Nanoscale Photonic Imaging), 2011 - 2019
Discovering structure in complex data: Statistics meets Optimization and Inverse Problems (DFG GK2088 projects A3, A4 and A6), 2016 - 2024
Smeary limit theorems (DFG HU 1575/10), 2020 - 2022
DFG SFB 1456 Mathematics of Experiment (2021 - 2024, first funding period): A01 - Geometry and Bayesian statistics to reconstruct protein radical structures from ENDOR spectroscopy

Research Group "Statistics on non-Euclidean Spaces"

Stephan Huckemann received his degree in mathematics from the University of Giessen (Germany) in 1987. He was a visting lecturer and scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1987 - 1989) and a postdoctoral research fellow at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland (1989 - 1990). He then worked as a commercial software developer (1990 - 2001) and returned to academia as a contributor to the computer algebra system MuPAD at Sciface Software and the University of Paderborn, Germany (2001 - 2003). Working with H. Ziezold (2004 - 2006, Univ. of Kassel), P. Mihailescu (2007, Univ. of Göttingen), P.T. Kim (2009, Univ. of Guelph, Canada)  and A. Munk (2007 - 2010, Univ. of Göttingen) he completed his Habilitation at the Univ. of Göttingen (Germany) in 2010 and was awarded a DFG Heisenberg research fellowship. As such he continued at the Institute for Mathematical Stochastics, Univ. of Göttingen while being a research group leader at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (2010/11 SAMSI, Durham, NC, USA). After substituting (2012 - 2013) for the Chair of Stochastics and Applications at the Univ. of Göttingen he holds the new Chair for Non-Euclidean Statistics.


R-package "ishapes" for intrinsic statistical analysis of Kendall's landmark based shapes currently featuring

  • various concepts of means (intrinsic, Procrustes, Ziezold, Schoenberg, etc.)
  • intrinsic two-way MANOVA
  • leaf data

R-package "AnisotropicGrowth" for detection of anisotropic growth in fingerprints

  • Procrustes type estimation of overall growth and of direction and amount of anisotropic growth
  • various tests for H_0: growth is isotropic,H_0: growth is not proximal-distal anisotropic
  • marked fingerprints

The "FilamentSensor", written in JAVA, is a fast and robust tool for semi-automated detection of line segments in images, primarily designed for detection of actin fibers from microscopy images

Studieninformationstage 8. und 9. März 2021

HeKKSaGOn Summer School (Sept. 11 - 20, 2014)

ISAG I Interactions of Statistics and Geometry (Feb. 14 - 18, 2022)

Conference on Geometry and Statistics (Feb. 27 - March 1, 2023)

ISAG II Interactions of Statistics and Geometry (Oct. 14 - 26, 2024)

Slicer open-source Shape Analysis Toolbox