Marcel Klatt
Foto Marcel Klatt

Institut für Mathematische Stochastik

Goldschmidtstrasse 7
37077 Göttingen

Room:Raum 2.185C, Gebaeude GZG: Goldschmidtstr. 3-5 (GZG)
Phone:+49 551 39 26101
Research Interest
During the Master's program my study focus was primarily on mathematical stochastics and optimisation, specifically courses in stochastic processes, statistical inference and operations research. I have also worked on optimal transport and its applications in statistics which is now my research focus. More precisely, my interest is aimed at the concepts of (regularized) optimal transport data based analysis.
Publications & Preprints
Valladolid.pdf (Mass Transportation Theory: Opening perspectives in Statistics, Probability
and Computer Science)
GRK2088(1).pdf (Annual GRK2088 meeting, 2018)
GRK2088(2).pdf (Annual GRK2088 meeting, 2019)

Muenchen.pdf (DAGStat: Statistics under one umbrella)

Ohio.pdf (Optimal Transport, Topological Data Analysis and Applications to Shape and
Machine Learning)
Curriculum Vitae