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Dr. Laura Sutcliffe

Phone: +49 551 39 5712
Fax: +49 551 39 5701

Research interests

My research looks at ways to monitor and conserve biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, focussing on the factors affecting plant diversity at local and landscape scales. I work in both highly intensive cropping systems and High Nature Value Farmland in many EU countries, but with a special focus on Germany and Romania. I am particularly interested in agri-environment schemes as one way to promote biodiversity-friendly management of landscapes, as well as environmental policy more broadly and the role of nature conservation advice to farmers.

Current project

External projects

With the Institute for Agroecology and Biodiversity (IFAB-Mannheim):

Curriculum vitae

2016-present: Post doc at the Dept. Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Research (Göttingen)

2015-present: Employee at the Institute for Agroecology and Biodiversity (IFAB) in Mannheim, Germany.

2015-2016: Research associate at the Chair of Vegetation Science and Nature Conservation, University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK), Göttingen

2013-2015: Research associate at the Dept. Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Research (Göttingen), freelance translation and consultancy in the field of nature conservation

2010-2013: PhD on the subject of "Conservation, governance and biodiversity of semi-natural grasslands in Southern Transylvania (Romania)" within the interdisciplinary PhD course "Biodiversity and Society" (Dept. Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Research, University of Göttingen)

2009-2010: Environmental policy intern at the UK government Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the independent charitable organisation the Natural Capital Initiative.

2007-2009: MSc Biodiversity and Ecology, University of Göttingen

2006-2007: Field Assistant for Landcare Research (New Zealand) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa).

2003-2006: BA (Hons) in Natural Sciences (Part II Zoology) at the University of Cambridge, UK


First author:
Sutcliffe L.M.E.
, & Leuschner C. (2022) Auswirkungen von Biodiversitätsmaßnahmen auf die Segetalflora auf intensiv bewirtschafteten landwirtschaftlichen Flächen - Ergebnisse aus dem F.R.A.N.Z.-Projekt. Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung 54 (06): 22-29. DOI: 10.1399/NuL.2022.06.02

Sutcliffe L.M.E., Schraml A., Eiselt B., Oppermann R. (2019) The LUCAS Grassland Module Pilot – qualitative monitoring of grassland in Europe. Palearctic Grasslands 40: 27-31.

Sutcliffe L.M.E., Germany M., Becker U., Becker T. (2016) How does size and isolation affect patches of steppe-like vegetation on slumping hills in Transylvania, Romania? Biodiversity and Conservation  25: 2275. doi:10.1007/s10531-016-1108-8

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Wietzke A, Albert K, Bergmeier E, Sutcliffe L.M.E., van Waveren CS, Leuschner C (2020) Flower strips, conservation field margins and fallows promote the arable flora in intensively farmed landscapes: Results of a 4-year study. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 304: 107142, doi:

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LUCAS stands for the Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey. Eurostat has carried out this survey every 3 years since 2006 to identify changes in the European Union in the socioeconomic use of land (for instance, agriculture, forestry, recreation or residential use) and land cover (for instance crops, grass, broad-leaved forest, or built-up area). The latest published LUCAS survey dates from 2015. It provides observations at more than 270 000 points in the field for the 28 EU Member States.

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