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Eva Messinger

Phone: +49 551 39 5702
Fax: +49 551 39 22029

Research interests

Differences in topsoil and subsoil root morphology and root functioning (water and nitrogen uptake, exudation) of European beech on various bedrock types

-Differences in root morphology, root functioning and root anatomy in top- and subsoils
-Ecophysiology of trees
-Plant-water relations


Curriculum vitae

Since 04/2017 PhD student, Department of Ecology and Ecosystem research, Albrecht-von Haller Institute for Plant Sciences, University Göttingen within the SUBSOM Project

10/2014-03/2017 M.Sc. Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution studies with a major in Nature Conservation Biology at Georg-August-University Göttingen
Thesis title: Hydraulic safety margins and stomatal control strategies of five ring- and diffuse porous temperate tree species

10/2011-09/2014 B.Sc. Biology at Georg-August-University Göttingen
Thesis title: Vergleichende Untersuchung zur Ultrastruktur der digitiformen Sensillen der Blattkäfer (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

07/2011 Abitur at KGS Sehnde




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