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Dr. Dietrich Hertel, Akad. Oberrat

Phone: +49 551 39 5708
Fax: +49 551 39 22029
e-mail: dhertel@gwdg.de

Research interests

1) Ecophysiology of trees
2) Ecology and functioning of the tree root system
3) Forest ecosystems research (forest dynamics, biogeochemistry, climate change effects, functional biodiversity, land-use effects)
4) Ecology of the alpine treeline (global and regional aspects)

Current H Index (ISI web of science): 43
(updated 13-01-2023)

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Current H Index (Google Scholar Citations): 57
Current i10 Index (Google Scholar Citations): 119
(updated 13-01-2023)

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Curriculum vitae

1988-1994 Studies in Biology, Universities Karlsruhe and Göttingen

1995 Diploma in Biology, University of Göttingen

1995-1996 Scientific employee at the Centre for Forest Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

1999 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) in Biology (Plant Ecology), University of Kassel

2000 Scientific employee at the Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

2001-2017 Senior lecturer and researcher (Akademischer Rat) at the Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

2002/2004/2005 Visiting scientist at CONICET-IANIGLA in Mendoza, Argentina (Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales - National Institute for Snow, Glacier and Environmental Sciences Argentina)

Since 2017 Senior lecturer and researcher with higher rank (Akademischer Oberrat) at the Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

Scientific activities and serviceship

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
Arid Land Research and Management
Applied Vegetation Science
Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research
Austral Ecology
Basic and Applied Ecology
Canadian Journal of Botany
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Climate Research
Ecological Research
Ecology Letters
European Journal of Forest Research
Forest Ecology and Management
Frontiers in Plant Science

Global Change Biology
International Journal of Biometeorology
Journal of Biogeography
Journal of Ecology
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
Journal of Tropical Ecology
Journal of Tropical Forest Science
Journal of Vegetation Science
Nature Communications
New Phytologist

Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
Plant and Soil
Plant Ecology
Plant Ecology and Diversity
Tree Physiology



(for requesting a copy of an article, please contact me: dhertel(at)gwdg.de)

Peer-reviewed publications:

in press

Sierra Cornejo N, Becker JN, Hemp A, Hertel D (in press) Effects of land-use change and disturbance on the fine root biomass, dynamics, morphology, and related C and N fluxes to the soil of forest ecosystems at different elevations at Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). Oecologia.


Kotowska MM, Samhita S, Hertel D, Triadiati T, Beyer F, Allen K, Link R, Leuschner C (2023) Consequences of tropical rainforest conversion to tree plantations on fine root dynamics and functional traits. Oikos e08898.


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Ramesha MN, Link RM, Paligi SS, Hertel D, Röll A, Hölscher D, Schuldt B (2022) Variability in growth-determining hydraulic wood and leaf traits in Melia dubia across a steep water availability gradient in southern India. Forest Ecology and Management 505: 119875.


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