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Esther Odilie Felicia Klingenberg


Curriculum vitae

2018-2019: On leave

since 2017: PhD within the project F.R.A.N.Z (, Supervisor: Christoph Leuschner, Göttingen University

2014-16: M.Sc. Geography: Ressource management and -analysis, Göttingen University

2015: One-semester master program "Climate, Land Use and Ecosystem Services", Agroparistech, France

2010-14 B.Sc. Geography, Minors: Chemistry, Physics, Bonn University

2009 Abitur in Heidelberg



I am student representative for all PhDs in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution

Please feel free to always contact me for any question or concern!


Klingenberg, E, C Leuschner (2018): A belowground perspective of temperate old-growth forests: Fine root system structure in beech primeval and production forests. Forest Ecology and Management (425): 68-74.
Manning, P, J Loos, A D Barnes, P Batáry, F J J A Bianchi, N Buchmann, G B De Deyn, A Ebeling, N Eisenhauer, M Fischer, J Fründ, I Grass, J Isselstein, M Jochum, A Klein, E Klingenberg, D Landis, J Lepš, R Lindborg, V M Temperton, C Westphal, T Tscharntke (2019): Transferring Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function Research to the Management of ‘real-World’ Ecosystems. Advances in Ecological Research (61)

Conference contributions
Klingenberg, E,  Sutcliffe, L, Isselstein, J, Leuschner, C (2018): Resilience of soils. How fast do soil communities recover? Student Conference on Conservation Science, 27-29.03.2018, Cambridge.

Leuschner, C, J Glatthorn, S Kaufmann, E Feldmann und E Klingenberg (2020): Ökosystemfunktionen von Buchen-Urwäldern: Kohlenstoffbindung und Pflanzendiversität. Nationalpark-Jahrbuch Unteres Odertal 2020. Nationalparkstiftung Unteres Odertal. III: 28 - 37

Research interests

Soil Ecology, Agroecology, Forests ecology, Socio-Ecological Systems, Sustainable Development

Scholarships & Awards

2010-2017: fellow of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
2017: Master degree with distinction
2018: First Poster Prize at the Cambridge Student Conference on Conservation Science

Past Research Projects

2016: Particiaption in the project Targeting Agricultural Innovation and Ecosystem Service Management in the Northern Volta basin
Responsible: Fabrice DeClerck, Bioversity Interantional
Contribution: Data aquisition and analysis at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

2015: Particiaption in the project  Biodiversity and Ecology in National Parks
Responsible: Christoph Leuschner, Göttingen University
Contribution: Field Work in the Slowakian Mountain Forests

Professional Experience

2016: Workgroup Agroecology, Göttingen University, Head:  Teja Tscharntke
Student research assistant for Jacqueline Loos

2014: Workgroup Landscape Ecology, Göttingen University, Head: Gerhard Gerold
Student research assistant for Felix Heitkamp

2013: Internship "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V."

2009-10: Developmental voluntary service in the Caucasus Georgia
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