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Natalia Sierra Cornejo

Phone: +49 551 39 19567
Fax: +49 551 39 22029

Research interests

Tropical mountain ecology, above and belowground biomass and productivity, water use efficiency, carbon fluxes to the soil via leaf and root decomposition, effects of land use change and altitudinal/climate gradient

Curriculum vitae

2013- Dato: <strong>Phd Study at the Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Research</strong>, University of Göttingen. Kili Project DFG Research Unit FOR 1246<br />
<br />
8 Agust 2011- 8 January 2012: <strong>Scholarship "Solidary Young People of Castilla y Leon"</strong>. Collaboration with Marine life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) Hanoi, Vietnam<br />
<br />
2009-2010: <strong>Master Degree in Biodiversity in Tropical Areas and its Conservation</strong>. International University Menendez Pelayo, Spanish Science Research Council and Central University of Ecuador<br />
Master thesis: Estimation of the aerial biomass of the vegetation in three altitudinal ranges in a paramo in the Eastern Andes of Ecuador.<br />
<br />
2003-2008: <strong>Degree in Biology</strong>. Orientation in Environmental and Biology Systems. Faculty of Biology, University of Salamanca, Spain<br />
<br />
2006-2007: <strong>Erasmus Program</strong>. Bayerische-Julius-Maximilians Universität, Würzburg, Germany





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