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Sandra Willinghöfer

Room: 0.118
Phone: +49 551 39 5711
Fax: +49 551 39 22029

Curriculum vitae

02/2012 – to date PhD candidate at Dept. of Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Research in DFG SPP 1372 " Tibetan Plateau- Formation, Climate, Ecosystems", TiP AEG "Atmosphere, Ecology and Glaciology"- Cluster, research interest of PhD project " Effects of water availability (precipitation), nutrient availability, temperature and degradation on the hydrology of Kobresia pygmaea"

2015-2018 Parental leave

08/2011 – 09/2011 Research assistant at Julius- Maximilians University Wuerzburg (Germany) in the project Biodiversity Exploratories

10/2010 – 08/2011 Research assistant for the project SIRENS at University of Applied Science Eberswalde (Germany) and Enfor at Scion Research Institute (Rotorua, Christchurch), New Zealand

10/2004 – 03/2010 Academic studies of Biology (Diploma) at Georg-August-University in Goettingen, Germany; Title of diploma thesis: "Hoehenabhaengigkeit der Diversitaet und Zusammensetzung der Krautflora auf Sulawesi (Lore Lindu Nationalpark), Indonesien" (“Elevational dependency of the diversity and composition of the herb flora in Sulawesi (Lore Lindu National Park), Indonesia“)

06/2004 Gymnasium Verl, Germany; Graduation: Abitur (University entrance qualification)


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Coners, H., Babel, W., Willinghöfer, S., Biermann, T., Köhler, L., Seeber, E., Foken, T., Ma, Y., Yang, Y., Miehe, G., Leuschner, C. (2016) Evapotranspiration and water balance of high-elevation grassland on the Tibetan Plateau. Journal of Hydrology, 533, 557-566.

Babel, W., Biermann,T., Coners, H., Falge, E., Seeber, E., Ingrisch, J., Schleuß, P-M., Gerken, T.,  Leonbacher, J., Leipold, T., Willinghöfer, S., Schützenmeister, K., Shibistova, O., Becker, L., Hafner, S., Spielvogel, S., Li, X., Xu, X., Sun, Y., Zhang, L., Yang, Y., Ma, Y., Wesche, K., Graf, H-F.,  Leuschner, C., Guggenberger, G., Kuzyakov, Y., Miehe, G., and Foken, T. (2014) Pasture degradation modifies the water and carbon cycles of the Tibetan highlands. Biogeosciences, 11, 6633-6656.

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Willinghöfer, S., Cicuzza, D., Kessler, M. (2012) Elevational diversity of terrestrial rainforest herbs: When the whole is less than the sum of its parts. Plant Ecology 213 (3): 407-418.

Conferences and Talks:

01/10/2013 Open Landscapes 2013 - Ecology, Management and Nature Conservation, University of Hildesheim, Germany. Talk on "Water balance of Kobresia pygmaea pastures under the effects of climate change"

16/03/2011 University of Canterbury Development Symposium, Canterbury University Christchurch, New Zealand. Talk on "SIRENS - South Pacific Islands Renewable Energy and Natural Resources Strategy"



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